Creating Images with AI

These can be a lot of fun. Especially for tinkerers like myself. It has been fascinating trying all kinds of different prompts and seeing what the AI comes up with. Famously, there are some limitations. The AI image generators are notoriously bad at getting certain parts of people right, such as hands, fingers, and faces.

This is not surprising when you think about it. Because we are people, we have brains that have evolved to read each others’ faces. Our brains are extremely capable at quickly and thoroughly analyzing human faces. We can tell in an instant whether somebody is happy, sad, or disfigured.

Some AI Tools have been tuned to get better at faces and hands, but not the tool I used to generate this gem!

The AI does not have such biases toward faces. It sees them as details just like any other detail in the millions of images it was trained on. No more important, no less mundane than a painted line on the side of a road, or the doors and windows on a building.

We also value hands.

They are arguably our most important tools. If you have a shirt with buttons, you know how much we value hands. Our hands inspired our base 10 number system. Our hands put food on the table. If there’s something people love, it’s our hands. It’s also unsurprising that we are quick to notice when a hand has too many fingers, or the fingers are facing the wrong way. Easy for us to pick up on, but hands are less important to the AI.

AI Image Generation has come a long way fast! There are a number of useful applications including generating images for websites, blogs, and ads.

There are also some very cool features for performing edits to existing photographs. Did you want to remove that person from the background of your beach photo? Easy with AI! Do you need to extend the background of that family portrait so it will fit in your photo frame? No problemo!

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