How My AI Journey Began

My journey with AI began in December of 2022 when I began tinkering with ChatGPT. I was in the middle of a software development course when the AI craze caught my attention. The next 6 months would see me spending a lot of time tinkering with and talking about AI.

My very first project involving AI was when I enlisted the help of ChatGPT to write a song about the new year. I asked for recommendations on selecting a chord progression. I described the song I wanted to write and received lyrics ideas. At the time, ChatGPT 4 was not yet available. The output was still pretty rough around the edges, but it was no less mind-blowing for me to experience that first taste of the future of humans interfacing with computers.

Very few lines from GPT made it into the final version of the song, but there were certainly a few. I played the song at an open mic night with my acoustic guitar. It wasn’t perfect, but then again I’m not a very serious musician. It was a thrill to write a song period, something I had not done in over 10 years. Thanks to ChatGPT, I was inspired to write one!

After exploring the songwriting capabilities, I began experimenting with ChatGPT to help me with coding projects. Before version 4 became available, it had a hard time writing code that wasn’t too buggy to use. I found it to be a reliable coding buddy, but it wasn’t ready for prime time.

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