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  • The short & long of the AI rally in equities

    The short & long of the AI rally in equities

    Today, I’d like to explore this article, published by “ChatGPT illustrated that anyone can instruct an AI application to draw a picture in the style of a master painter, summarize findings from medical journals, suggest code for building software applications, and much, much more.“ – This is a highly technical article, but that…

  • Is OpenAI really worth $80bn?

    Is OpenAI really worth $80bn?

    Let’s explore this article published by the NY Times in October 2023. Here’s a summary of the article THE FUTURE OF AI STARTUPS IS BRIGHTER THAN EVER! There’s some electrifying news buzzing around the streets of San Francisco. OpenAI, our favorite tech superstar, is in the limelight with talks of boosting its valuation to an…