What is the curve of forgetting and how can it help students learn?

How to Remember What You Learned

Hey there, curious minds! Today, we’re going on an adventure inside our brains to explore something super cool called the “Curve of Forgetting.” Imagine you have a superpower that lets you remember EVERYTHING you learn—every fact about dinosaurs, every step of your favorite dance, and even the exact way to solve those tricky math problems. But sometimes, it feels like this superpower gets a little… well, rusty. That’s where the Curve of Forgetting comes in. Let’s break it down into superhero terms.

What Is the Curve of Forgetting?

The Curve of Forgetting is like a story about how our brains remember (or forget) the things we learn. Picture a big slide at the playground. At the top of the slide is where you start right after you learn something new. If you don’t go back and think about what you learned, you slide down, down, down, until you might forget it! The Curve of Forgetting shows us that the more time that passes without reviewing, the more we slide down and forget.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say on Monday, you learned a super cool fact about space in class. If you don’t think about that fact again, by the time a week goes by, you might only remember a tiny bit of it. That’s sliding down the curve!

But here’s the secret to staying at the top of the slide: review what you’ve learned. If you take a few minutes on Tuesday to think about that space fact, and then again on Wednesday, you’re giving your superpower a boost. Each time you review, you’re climbing back up the slide, so you don’t forget.

Why Is It Important?

Knowing about the Curve of Forgetting is like having a map to treasure. It helps you understand how your memory works so you can make the most of your superpower. When you know that reviewing a little bit each day can help you remember better, you can plan your study times to become a memory superhero.

Tips to Beat the Curve of Forgetting:

  1. Review Often: After learning something new, take a few minutes to go over it again that night. Then, review a couple more times over the week. It’s like hitting the save button on a video game.
  2. Make It Fun: Use flashcards, draw pictures, or make up a song about what you’re learning. The more fun it is, the more likely you’ll remember.
  3. Teach Someone Else: Share what you’ve learned with a friend or family member. Teaching is like a super boost for your memory.
  4. Take Breaks: Your brain is a muscle that gets tired. Give it some rest with short breaks, and then get back to reviewing.
  5. Use Your Superpowers: You have a fantastic imagination—use it! Creating a vivid story around what you need to remember makes it stick.

So, next time you learn something awesome, remember the Curve of Forgetting. With just a little bit of review, you can keep sliding back up to the top and hold onto all those fantastic facts and skills you’re learning. Keep your memory superpowers strong, and who knows what amazing things you’ll remember!

Did you know?

We are working to add study reminder notifications to our AI-Powered Quiz App: AI Study Game. This game will send you a reminder based on the curve of forgetting whenever it’s time to review what you learned. This way you can be sure that you won’t forget that amazing dinosaur fact or how to spell those tricky spelling words!

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