AI-Powered Spelling App helps struggling students learn to spell

Some kids are naturally gifted when it comes to academics. Many other students struggle with certain subjects, concepts, or teaching styles. Being called up to the whiteboard to spell a word could be terrifying for a struggling student.

profile view image of a 10-year-old student standing nervously in front of a blank whiteboard, holding a marker uncertainly. The student's side profile  captures their expression of fear and lack of confidence, illustrating the internal struggle over not knowing the correct spelling of a word. The atmosphere of the classroom can be seen in the soft background, but the focus remains intensely on the student’s apprehensive face and the poised marker, emphasizing the moment before they make an attempt to write. This poignant scene highlights the emotional and cognitive challenges faced by students in learning environments, showcasing the vulnerability and determination inherent in the process of education.

A language arts teacher may use solid techniques that work great for 90% of their students, but the remaining 10% may be left behind. Unfortunately, teachers on average have over 100 kids to worry about, and they may not have the time to give special attention to those who are struggling.

Technology to the rescue!

This is where the magic of AI comes in. With artificial intelligence, homeschool parents, teachers, and tutors have exciting new tools available to help struggling students.

We’ve created a revolutionary AI Spelling App with 3 powerful game modes:

  • List Your Questions
  • Enter Notes or Topics
  • List Your Spelling Words

Today, let’s talk about how this app can help with spelling words. I want to show you how quick, easy, and unprecedented this revolutionary learning game is for busy educators and struggling students.

How does AI Study Game help students learn to spell?

  • Employs principles of operant conditioning to reinforce correct answers and discourage wrong guesses
  • Speaks to students in a naturally engaging, friendly voice
  • Reads each spelling word aloud, and uses it in a sentence
  • Tracks their streak of correct answers, encouraging them to beat their previous record
  • Awards trophies for getting the words right

New features coming soon

  • After a trophy is earned, the multiple choice answers are recreated by AI so that they become more challenging each round
  • During the fifth and final round, the student must type the correct spelling instead of relying on multiple choice
  • Study reminder notifications that utilize the curve of forgetting to ensure memory retention