What is Operant Conditioning, and how can it be used to help students learn?

Imagine you have a video game where you get points for doing good things and lose points for doing not-so-good things. Operant conditioning is kind of like that game, but in real life!

What Is It?

It’s a way to learn by finding out what happens after you do something. If something good happens, you’ll probably want to do it again. If something not-so-good happens, you might think twice before doing it again.

How Does It Work?

  • Rewards (Making Good Things Happen): Let’s say you help out with chores without being asked. Your parents are super happy and let you pick what’s for dinner. This good thing (picking dinner) makes you want to help out more often because you like the reward.
  • Consequences (Making Not-So-Good Things Happen): Now, imagine you don’t do your homework. Your parents might say you can’t watch TV for the evening. This not-so-good thing (missing TV) is a way to show you that not doing homework isn’t a good choice.

Types of Rewards and Consequences

  • Positive Reinforcement: Adding something nice to encourage a behavior. Like getting an extra 10 minutes of video game time for finishing homework early.
  • Negative Reinforcement: Taking away something not nice to encourage behavior. Like not having to do dishes because you did all your homework for the week without being reminded.
  • Positive Punishment: Adding something not nice to discourage a behavior. Like having extra chores for arguing with your sibling.
  • Negative Punishment: Taking away something nice to discourage a behavior. Like losing some of your video game time for not listening.

Why Does It Matter?

It helps us understand how our actions have consequences, and it teaches us to make better choices. Just like in video games, in real life, we learn to do more of the good stuff that gets us rewards and less of the stuff that doesn’t.

So, operant conditioning is a way of learning by understanding what happens after we do something, helping us to make better choices by using rewards and consequences.

Think of it as a way to train ourselves to do the things that have good outcomes and avoid the things with not-so-good outcomes!

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