New from OpenAI: GPT-4 Turbo

Today, I’m excited to share and discuss some big news from OpenAI! As I mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of GPT-4 because of its ability to write solid code snippets. When I hear the word “turbo” I think of fast. But there’s more to this update than just speed. Let’s explore.

Include phrases like '128K Context Window', 'Up-to-date with April 2023 Events', 'Reduced Pricing for Greater Value', 'Enhanced Function Calling for Developers', and 'More Deterministic Model Outputs'. Ensure the text is integrated seamlessly with the futuristic visual elements, such as being part of the digital streams or displayed on the sides of the high-speed train, to maintain a cohesive and informative banner image.

128K context window and knowledge of world events up to April 2023.

What’s this mean in English?

Well, the context window describes the model’s ability to remember what you talked about earlier in the conversation. For comparison, regular GPT-4’s context window is 8,192. So this model offers an astounding 14x as much “memory” which will make interactions much more meaningful.

For example, if I was using the AI to write a “choose your own adventure” style interactive story, then it would be able to remember and refer to something that happened at the very beginning of the story without having to be reminded of those details.

With a smaller context window, the ai will begin to “forget” older details to make room for new ones.

Knowledge of world events is really helpful when your interaction with the AI is based on current events. It can certainly diminish the quality of responses when the AI is operating as if it’s 2021.

This could relate to anything from technology, to geopolitical conflicts, to healthcare. The world moves fast and to keep the AI models relevant, their training needs to keep up.

Reduced pricing

I don’t need to translate this one out of nerd-speak for you. This means more bang for the buck!

 'AI Cloud' with a prominent 'SALE' tag. Make the cloud look more advanced and nifty, with digital and futuristic aesthetics. Add visual effects that suggest affordability and accessibility, like a shining discount badge or a burst of light around the price tag that attracts attention. Include symbolic elements like coins or a wallet with less money coming out to represent savings. The background should emphasize the theme of reduced pricing with a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.

Improved function calling

This is one for the software development geeks like me. When I’m developing an app, sometimes I need information to be processed in a predictable way. This helps with that.

Visualize the concept of 'Improved Function Calling' for a software development context. Create an image that illustrates a clean, modern interface with clear, interconnected function nodes, symbolizing the streamlined process of function calling in app development. Include visual elements such as clean lines, geometric shapes, and a network of nodes that represent a clear path of information flow. For 'More Deterministic Model Outputs', depict a series of outputs in an orderly sequence, showing the precision and predictability of the process, perhaps with a digital screen showcasing a list of clean, perfectly aligned code blocks that indicate a successful, error-free run.

Model outputs are more deterministic

Another feature that software devs will care about. Again, this is a way to produce more predictable results. When interacting with AI, we aim to get just the right mix of predictable (aka deterministic) responses and randomness.

In summary

A child giving a big hug to a fluffy teddy bear. The bear should have visible robotic elements, like a robot brain or circuitry, integrated with its fluffy exterior. The child, of any descent, should be giving the bear a loving hug, with the focus on the affectionate bond between them. Keep the setting warm and endearing, highlighting the friendly and accessible nature of AI through this plush, cybernetic teddy bear.

These innovations are going to improve the quality of the ai-powered apps we’re building here at aisweetlife! Greater context, higher quality responses, and reduced cost. What’s not to love!? ❤️

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