AI Study Game: The flash cards of the future

Our two children are so very different. Our son, age 11, is a very independent learner. While he certainly has his academic struggles, he is generally a fast learner and able to navigate most course material with ease. Our daughter, age 7, is more of a free spirit. She loves to stop and smell the flowers… even when it’s time to focus on school work.

My 7 year old daughter would much rather practice cartwheels than study her spelling words.

When it comes to memorizing song lyrics, she’s naturally gifted and very musically inclined. But when it’s time to get busy with course material, she’s more hit and miss. She struggles with focusing sometimes, and unlike her big brother, has had a number of low scores on quizzes and tests.

I was hugely inspired by her struggles, and set out to help her and other struggling students like her.

I have created a new kind of quiz app that makes learning fun for students and super easy for homeschool parents, teachers, and tutors to support them. It’s called AI Study Game and right now you’re invited to try it out (for free) and share your valuable feedback to improve the app and help more students succeed 🙂

With the busy educator in mind, AI Study Game can…

  • Auto-Magically create a quiz without the tedious work of typing every single question and answer. Just enter your questions, notes, or spelling words and AI handles the rest.
  • Make studying and learning fun! No more struggles with focus or engagement. No more low assessment scores.
  • Maximize student engagement with a friendly, remarkably human-sounding voice reading questions and spelling words aloud.
  • Reinforce learning with chimes and buzzes to signal correct and incorrect answers, respectively. This feedback mechanism leverages operant conditioning principles, engaging multiple parts of the brain and solidifying learning.
  • Motivate learners with a trophy system, encouraging continuous learning and memorization by rewarding perfect scores with virtual trophies.

Coming Soon to AI Study Game:

  • Quiz Customization and Sharing: Users will soon be able to edit their AI-generated quizzes for fine-tuning and share them with others, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Adaptive Learning Curves: The platform is set to introduce reminders based on the curve of forgetting, alongside increasing difficulty levels to challenge learners progressively, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and retention of the material.
  • Spoken words of encouragement when the student earns a trophy or gets a wrong answer.

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