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Drawing of a hospital scene where a nurse consults a tablet powered by ChatGPT, while in another part, kids are entertained by a TV show recommended by the robot's intelligence.


OpenAI, known for creating the popular chatbot ChatGPT, is planning significant updates to attract more developers by making it cheaper and faster to create software applications using its AI technology. These updates will potentially reduce costs for developers by up to 20 times.

One major addition is the provision of memory storage, which allows the software to remember past interactions, thereby reducing operational costs. Another update will provide vision capabilities, letting developers create applications that can understand and describe images. This could be beneficial in various industries, from entertainment to healthcare. The aim is to transition OpenAI from being just a consumer hit to also becoming a preferred platform for developers.

Despite its consumer success, OpenAI has struggled to entice businesses to fully integrate its technology. These new features will be introduced at OpenAI’s inaugural developer conference in San Francisco in November.

Drawing of a packed conference hall in San Francisco with a stage featuring the OpenAI logo and a large screen presenting the new developer-focused features.

Implications in Simple Terms:

Imagine a company that makes a super-smart robot (ChatGPT) that can talk just like a human. Right now, lots of people enjoy chatting with this robot. However, the company wants other businesses to use this robot’s brain to build their products, like automated customer service or smart cameras that can understand pictures. The problem? It’s a bit expensive to use this brain in their products. So, the company is making some upgrades to make it cheaper and smarter, hoping more businesses will use it. If successful, we might soon see more products and services powered by this smart robot’s brain, helping in areas like healthcare, entertainment, and more.

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